Improve sales results
and expand marketing insights:

While dashboards can give you a great deal of insight into how reps are performing, sometimes there’s just no substitute for actually listening to phone call recordings. Call Criteria quality monitoring services are designed to improve agent training, provide more insight into lead quality, detect compliance risks as well as boost your communication with leads.

Quality Monitoring AND Evaluation

Our highly trained human analysts review agent-customer interactions using customized scorecards. We will monitor and score every customer interaction to provide immediate and actionable feedback.

Cost Effective

Starting at only 20c per CALL minute, Call Criteria provides a more cost effective approach to QA monitoring than doing it internally or relying on inaccurate voice analytics software.

Time Saving

Call Criteria delivers highly efficient and scalable QA services to allow fast and easy analysis of your call center, both as a whole and at the agent level. Out of a pool of agents, you can quickly find the agent that needs most help by checking agent ranking. Rather than listening to the whole call, you can get right to the point at which the infraction happened with our integrated time-stamping.


Measure the KPI’s that are important to your business. From sales to customer satisfaction, we tailor each scorecard based on your specific needs and challenges.

All-In-One QA Review

At Call Criteria, we can handle any correspondence. Whether your volume revolves around calls, emails, texts, chats, or websites, Call Criteria’s approach allows for a highly dynamic and customizable review.

Actionable Dashboard

Real-time reporting gives you instant access to what is happening within your organization. It also gives you an opportunity
to make corrections in real-time. Other benefits include:

Improve Coaching Efficiency

A list showing top and bottom performers helps you quickly find the agents that need the most help and coaching. You can immediately show the agent what exactly they are doing right and wrong.

Automated Accountability

Our fully integrated notification system will alert you in real-time when critical actions occur or when an agent deviates from a script.

Deep-Drive Insights

Drill down every call to find specific words or phrases. Our system can also filter out personal information such as credit card information on calls to avoid compliance violations.