AI Enabled Voice Analytics

Voice Analytics allows recorded calls to be put into text. Think of Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Assistant, etc. They turn speech into text.

But as you may have experienced from using “speech-to-text” they aren’t accurate and are prone to errors.

Yet many solutions today don’t take this into account, and you are left on your own. You have to hire a speech analyst, have them listen to recordings, and spend one-fifth their time doing what won’t move the needle for your business.

This gap in voice analytics, which most solutions don’t do, is what Call Criteria is striving to solve by using our human QA’s and Artificial Intelligence.

Your Analyst’s Doing Impactful Work

Did you know, on average, analyst’s spend around 25% to 40% of their time listening to calls?

That’s around 13 hrs a week—more than a WHOLE day’s worth of work.

But what if there was a solution that allowed your specialists to spend time analyzing data and not putting their headset on?

This is exactly what Call Criteria provides, allowing your analyst to spend time doing more impactful work for your business.

While our trained QA’s are getting to the weeds and listening to calls, your analysts are analyzing the data

Human Reviews With No Additional Cost

Our trained QA’s review 10% to 20% of your calls with no extra fees; we also don’t charge for user access payments, software, and other fees.

Rather we charge on “cost per minute” model (which is the minutes we spend listening to your calls)

Every flag that is found will be reviewed by a human working for Call Criteria. If it’s discovered that the transcription was incorrect, our quality analysts are trained to help identify this information.

This results in your analysts having easy access to needed keyword updates without putting on a headset, giving them more time to do what they do best (analyze data!) while saving you money.

Compassion & Empathy

If you’ve ever seen the compassion & empathy metrics, you know they are wrong the majority of the time. AI and code isn’t able to determine human behavior and moods just yet.

Although, it is better than having no compassion & empathy metrics but Call Criteria does it a bit differently.

Because our software is “human first” and we believe humans and AI should work together. We offer something not many contact centers do in the market.

Our experienced human quality analysts will listen to calls, review the results, and audit the outcomes.

Afterward, our machine learning system will learn the habits of our QA’s and start evolving your “compassion & empathy” metrics as more data gets feeded.

Machine Learning Prediction Model

Artificial Intelligence has gotten better and better over the years, and we are using it to step-up our client’s contact centers here in Call Criteria.

Here’s how our “Machine Learning Prediction Model” works…

When your agents forget regulation, compliances, and other factors you have on customer calls, you end up listening to the whole call to determine what they missed. Or worst-case scenario, don’t even know if they are following your regulations.

With Call Criteria our QA’s will listen and find out what’s missing from your script and scorecards.

But that’s not where it ends.

Once our system learns the habits of your team members (missing certain parts of your scripts) and our QA’s (checking if the missing information is correct). We’ll have enough data to predict what’s missing, and it’ll continually improve with time.

Why Call Criteria

We at Call Criteria believe we are at the forefront of contact center technology, continually improving and updating our software.

The reason why we’re ahead is because we’ve managed contact centers ourselves. In fact, we have over 10 years managing contact centers. We’ve been in your shoe and know exactly what you need to succeed.