Quality Assurance

There are many benefits to outsourcing your Quality Assurance and Control. It is proven to be highly cost-effective because of the lack of requirement for employing and training new staff to carry out the work. There is never a cost for you to update training either!

We provide fully accountable, non-biased, easily scalable solutions to every sector of a contact center that requires Quality Assurance. Some of the features that we offer you are:

  • Actionable and responsive, real-time dashboard.
  • Fully customized dashboard for every scorecard you use.
  • Highly cost-effective.
  • Full accountability with no internal bias.

Actionable Dashboard

How we monitor your calls and agents here at Call Criteria are second to none. You will never be left wondering what you can do to improve your Quality Assurance with our Dashboard.

  • Individual Agent isolation, scoring, and rankings.
  • Top missed points.
  • Laser targeted coaching advise.
  • Individual, manual call reviews.

Customized Scorecards

Our customized scorecards are created specifically for your contact center requirements. All based around dynamic questions and responses instead of the typical “yes/no” answers.

  • Individual scorecards based on factors YOU care about.
  • Dynamic scorecard system.
  • Question creation based on call meta-data.
  • Automatic scorecard adaption.

Notification Manager

Our specific notification queue panel sends direct, instantaneous coaching notifications to alert supervisors and managers when an agent requires assistance, and to agents for coaching requirements.

  • Notifications are creatable by all levels of staff.
  • Instant actionable feedback.
  • Notifications require sign-off to ensure action taken.
  • Complete visibility of all stages of notifications.


Calibrations are integral to improving Quality Assurance. Our 4 step calibration of scored scorecards ensures that all levels of business and all partners have a deep understanding of the requirements.

  • First Level Calibration. – QA staff
  • Second Level Calibration. – Recalibration by QA, Calibrator or Team Lead
  • Third Level Calibration. – Client Calibration.
  • Weekly calls to review blind scored calls for ultimate QA.