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    Visualize Your Sales Performance

    Rebuttal Opportunities
    Rebuttal Opportunities

    Find out how many rebuttal opportunities each agent is faced with on every call without listening to any.

    Average Rebuttals Per Call
    Rebuttal Attempts

    Understand how many rebuttal attempts your agents make when they are faced with the opportunities.

    Dnc Violations
    DNC Violations

    Avoid DNC violations and track the agents that breach the DNC policy with tagged calls and audio proof.

    Objection Analysis

    Having a visual representation of how your calls are handled allows you to make changes at a high level.

    • Total Calls
    • Rebuttal Opportunities
    • Average Rebuttal Attempts
    • Non-Relevant Rebuttals
    • DNC Violations
    • Unprofessional Call Count
    Call Center Managed Qa Monitor Quality With Callcriteria
    Sales Performance

    Understand Why Your Sales Are Low And How To Improve Them

    Rebuttal numbers matter, but understanding the objections is more important to creating better sales performance.

    • Tagged calls for individual objection reasons
    • View overall percentages for objections
    • View Non Relevant Rebuttal Attempts
    • Time Stamped Rebuttal Opportunities
    • Time Stamped Rebuttal Attempts
    • Visual Representation Of Performance


    Track Individual Agents Or Team Performance

    • Total Sales Calls

      Total Sales Calls

      AI and humans tag calls as sales, and extract data based on the requirements of your company.

    • Average Rebuttals Per Call

      Avg. Rebuttals Per Call

      Seeing how many of those opportunities are taken will give you a better overview of your sales staff.

    • Dnc Violations

      DNC Violations

      Do Not Call violations are damaging to the company and can bring litigation. Monitor and reduce them.

    • Rebuttal Opportunities

      Rebuttal Opportunities

      Visualizing the number of rebuttal opportunities that your business has will help to understand your customers.

    • Analyzed

      Non-Relevant Rebuttals

      Keep track of non-relevant rebuttals, as any increase can be damaging to the company's reputation.

    • Unprofessionalism


      Unprofessional attitudes can have disastrous consequences for the reputation of your business.


    Get the Whole Picture Of Your Sales Calls - Nothing Less

    See all of the sales data that you need on one easy to read, high-performance dashboard.

    Track and monitor your sales calls to see what areas need adjustments and take decisive action.

    Stay on top of sales operations; increase your performance.

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