Gone are the days when feedback was made with a letter, in person or over the phone. Consumers are turning to social platforms for customer services. Every complaint, compliment, or question is now being publicized. Unfortunately, organizations aren`t able to keep up and 81.5% of customer questions go unanswered.

So, how do you respond to customers’  questions on social media?

Here are some tips and guidelines you can follow to save yourself from PR nightmare and possible loss of business.:
  1. Forecast social media traffic volume and schedule the right staff resources.
According to recent survey results by DMG (Discovery Media Group), 67.4% of businesses make use of social channels to handle customers` feedback. But shockingly, 41.5% of the same rarely forecast their social platforms traffic. Forecasting is important as you`ll get to know the expected traffic volume and thus allocate the right staffing at the right time. Experts recommend having a 24/7 customer service, a case you can easily set in place with the right forecasting.  This will not only save your resources but also ensure that inquiries are handled productively. To forecast, you can use manual methods like spreadsheets or a third-party social media management tool like workforce management (WFM).
  1. Acknowledge feedback quickly
Customers` feedback, especially complaints, need an urgent response. Remember in the digital world, reviews are public and a trending hashtag can change millions of peoples’ perception of your brand in an instant. Therefore, the faster you act and acknowledge the feedback the better. Quick response leaves the consumer feeling appreciated, recognized and respected which turns them into loyal customers who will not only buy from you but also recommend others. Note, according to recent results by Bright Locals, 90% of social platform users trust peer recommendation and product reviews over the brand`s marketing. In addition, it`s advisable to make use of tools that integrate most social media platforms as it`ll allow you to answer customer`s inquiries more efficiently and quickly.  Here’s a list of some of the most popular social media monitoring tools to start you off;  
  1. Respond to ALL Customer feedback
Social media is conversational. Companies should respond to both compliments and complaints. Remember, consumers love your attention and appreciation. If a client spends their time complimenting your staff or praising your product, thank them or simply like and share their messages. By doing this, it shows you pay attention and others will be motivated to share ideas. Consumers may also make recommendations that are useful and helpful to your brand.
  1. Know when to take the conversation offline or out of public domain
It`s best if you would respond to a public inquiry publicly. However, especially with complaints, if the consumer turns argumentative; don`t reply to them more than twice in public but rather ask them politely to sort out the issue offline. E.g. you can have them inbox you their details, converse via email or give them a call. By doing this, you`re not only minimizing their chances of hurting you online but are also able to express empathy and resolve the issue more efficiently. If they are uncooperative, walk away. Don`t allow yourself the torture of consumers insults. Don`t forget to mention that the problem was successively solved on the initial comment publicly. Remember, knowing how to handle questions on social channels effectively is the key to a successful modern business. Feel free to use these tips and call us for more. Do you use social media for customer Feedback? What are the results? Please let us know on our contact page, we love hearing from you 🙂