February 11, 2021

Spreadsheets to Dashboards; What’s All The Fuss About Call Criteria?

Regardless of how strong your excel game is, as a call center manager, you need a reliable system to analyze your agent’s performance to increase forecast accuracy and improve operational effectiveness and schedule efficiency.
Sadly, most small to medium-sized businesses think they are saving money by using spreadsheets to manage and forecast the call center schedules. But The opposite is true.
Keeping in mind that agents are the highest cost for your call agent, accounting for 60-80% of the budget, it makes sense to invest in a system that gives you a holistic view of your agent performance and enables you to optimize your call center for best performance.
Additionally, ICMI reports that leveraging technologies like voice analytics and data is one of the best-managed call centers’ traits. So instead of spending hours trying to make sense of data from disparate spreadsheets, fusing voice and data allows you to use dashboards and scorecards for faster decision-making.

From Spreadsheets to Dashboards – How to Call Criteria Works

Call Criteria

Enabling you to access reviewed calls easily

If you’ve ever spent an hour playing through a CD to find a particular call recording, then you understand the convenience Call Criteria offers by enabling you to access the exact recorded call and conversation by merely clicking a button.

Leverages Highly Trained Humans and Technology for Accuracy

Call Criteria ensures call center quality monitoring is not left entirely to voice analytics bots as a forward-thinking organization. Instead, Call Criteria leverages voice analytics technology to review the bulk of call recordings and filter out those that require a human touch. Therefore, Call Criteria has invested in highly-trained and highly paid quality assurance staff to ensure accuracy.

Helps You Identify Your Best and Worst Performing Agents

Agent Ranking
Given that your agents account for 60-80% of your center’s costs, a 1% increase in your agents’ productivity could mean a significant increase in your bottom line. Call Criteria empowers you and your team to see how often your agents say ‘Thank you’ or whether they are flagging the compliance regulations. Call Criteria also goes further to give you the power to filter out the bad calls, check the total number of reviewed calls, and even compare the data to historical data.

It Helps You Manage Coaching Better

Coaching Queue
Successful call center managers understand the enormously important role that coaching has in improving customer satisfaction and reducing agent churn. Therefore, Call Criteria empowers you to identify agents who need coaching and the particular area they are struggling with and allows you to schedule and manage coaching appointments through a tool called ‘coaching queue.’

Helps You Create Custom Score Cards

Top Missed Points 1
Call after call, hour after hour; your call center is continuously capturing information that can transform your organization. Call Criteria helps you customize your scorecard based on the data from agent-customer interactions to ensure you measure what matters.
Some believe we are seeing the emergence of the greatest consumer movement in history. ICMI reports that by 2020 Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the main differentiator. The writing on the wall cannot get any clearer. It’s time to move from cheapskate tactics like spreadsheets and invest in a reliable partner like Call Criteria.
That’s what all the fuss is about Call Criteria 😉
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