System Features


It makes sense that an agent is only as good as the tools at their disposal, so it’s crucial to set them up for success. Our call center quality monitoring services are designed to improve agent retention, provide accurate reporting, prevent compliance breaches and optimize workforce.

Call Timestamping

A search on our system can determine the exact moment an agent deviated from the scripts, and how the agent handled the call after the infraction. Rather than listening to the whole call, you can get right to the point at which the breach happened with our integrated call timestamping.

Custom Scorecards

We help you measure the KPI’s that are important to your business using custom scorecards. We’ll work with your team to analyze challenges within the organization and convert them into a tailored scorecard.

Campaign Performance

Our Campaign Performance report is specially engineered to bring all of the critical metrics affecting the performance of your campaigns to your fingertips in an intuitive, easy-to-read, actionable report. With this data, you will be able to quickly assess which of your campaigns are successful and which may need further optimization

Who‘s your top agent?

Agent Ranking

When you monitor agent performance, you can reward your best Agents while supporting those that are underachieving at the moment.

Top Missed Points

Using accurate reports, you can monitor daily activities in your call center including the top missed points. Get to know whether compliance with your service level agreements or average resolution times is giving your agents the hardest time.

“Voice Analytics”

Rather than having to listen to each call to assess an agent’s performance, we use voice analytics technology to handle the spot checking process while real human analysts verify the accuracy of the reports generated.

API Integration

69% of consumers say personalized customer care influences loyalty, so enabling agents to give a 1:1 service journey is vital. However, it is hard for agents to deliver if they are unable to access customer data quickly and efficiently. The Call Criteria API allows call centers to work more efficiently via deeper integration with existing systems like SalesForce at an affordable cost.

Do You Show Your Agents Their Performance Scores?

Targeted Coaching

Using accurate data from customer-agent interactions, your supervisors are able to carry out targeted coaching by preparing agents with the proper responses in areas that need improvement. e. In this sense, coaching is pro-active, not reactive.

Customizable Reporting

Call Criteria’s QA solution allows for a high degree of report customization, both in content and in appearance.