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    January 16, 2021

    5 Simple Tips to Improve Call Center Agent Performance & Productivity

    If you manage or own a call center, you know you rely on your agents to offer superior customer service with every interaction. If your agents are not productive, you may lose clients, revenue, and reputation. To ensure ongoing success, your call center must boost performance – the question is – how? Some tips that will help you improve the performance of your call center and call agents can be found here.

    Use IVR for Segmenting Your Customers

    One of the top performance killers is the poor or inaccurate distribution of your incoming calls. With IVR – interactive voice response – you can gather information about someone calling before connecting to one of your agents. The information is then provided to the agent in real-time. When you develop a thoughtful IVR menu, it means your customers get to the solution they need faster. It also means your agents can work with more complex problems.

    Eliminate the Avoidable Calls

    When you can eliminate any call that should be avoided, your agents get this time back to take the call that matters. You have a few options to do this. You can block any undesirable phone numbers, create FAQs to help answer commonly asked questions, and use the IVR menu mentioned above.

    Invest in Ongoing Agent Coaching & Training

    If you want to retain your team and ensure they continue to ensure your call center’s success, ongoing training and call center coaching is a must. Be sure that new agents receive all the training necessary, and as things change, provide additional training. You can even invest in “refresher courses” on topics like dealing with angry customers or handling common problems. This ensures your agents are continually developing and improving their skills. You can take this a step further and implement a call monitoring feature, which will allow you to provide valuable feedback to each of your team members. This lets supervisors listen in on the calls and, when necessary, provide real-time feedback.

    Share Best Practices and Monitor Calls

    When you use the right software at your call center, you can implement a call recording feature. This is a helpful tool, particularly for newer agents. Also, you can create group sessions that let everyone here both bad and good examples of calls. By doing this, you can reinforce the right actions and push other agents to improve their own efforts.

    Implement the Best Technology to Empower Your Agents

    Even motivate agents can be less productive if they are using complicated or outdated technology. You need to implement the latest and best technology available to ensure your agents are productive at all times. When it comes to ensuring your call center achieves the desired results, there are many factors to consider. Keep the information here in mind to ensure that your agents have the best support and tools to ensure a productive and successful call center. By doing this, you can feel confident your call center will find success and that your call agents will achieve higher productivity levels.