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    February 11, 2021

    Using Numbers To Effectively Manage Performance

    Managing people is not an easy feat to accomplish. New managers will have to face daily deliverables from their bosses and clients. They tend to forget one of the most important aspect of their job which is performance management.
    As a call center supervisor, one of the most challenging task they need to deal with is how to manage their peers. After going through management training, some supervisors will be given a team that comprise mainly of people they consider as friends. It’s a tough challenge that they need to face but they will need to focus on managing their team’s performance through numbers.
    “Having been a numbers-oriented person since I was in school helped me analyze my team’s performance, identify trends and coach my team to achieve our goals” said Carlo, a seasoned call center manager. “This became an essential competency in my coaching arsenal when looking at any individual’s performance and identifying behaviors that drives the numbers.”
    There are several tools that can help a manager make sense of the numbers. A manager can combine data coming from multiple sources to create an Excel sheet that summarizes an employee’s performance. Some companies have tools that help managers compile and show data at a glance so they can spend more time analyzing the numbers and coaching employees and less time mining data.
    Call Criteria provides clients with completely customized reporting available when it matters most. Call Criteria’s custom dashboard gives the clients an immediate glimpse of overall performance trends, agent ranking and top missed points among others.
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