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    Supplying Quality Assurance

    • Compliance Monitoring
    • Call Type Tagging
    • Customer Retention
    • Omnichannel Audits
    • Script Adherence Monitoring
    • Actionable Insights

    Tagging Calls By Type

    With so many different utility industry sectors, it can get confusing if your QA software is even slightly out of date. All of the individual utilities have different sections within them, and you need reliable software to tag them all accordingly. Our unique Ai and human combination accurately classifies every call.

    Concentrate On Sales

    Your team is driven by sales and customer support. Continue to focus on those things while we handle the quality assurance, providing you with the information to increase leads and ROI.

    Top Missed Points In Utilities

    • Customers Last Name
    • Confirmation of Phone Number
    • Appointment Confirmation
    • Other Issues
    • Unexplained Silence

    Least Missed Points In Utilities

    • Rebuttals
    • Good Attitude
    • Avoid Interruptions
    • Avoid misleading Statements
    • Confirm Account Numbers