February 11, 2021

What Are The Benefits Of Quality Assurance? 4 Great Reasons For QA

You may be asking; What Are The Benefits Of Quality Assurance?
Well, in this article, I am going to give you some brief overviews of what those benefits are. Straight away, I can tell you that the benefits are numerous, vast, and when implemented correctly, they are invaluable.
Although we are going to be looking at call centers and the benefits of quality assurance in that specific industry, it can be applied to any industry, if you know how to.
So, let’s have a look at what the actual benefits that you could expect are, then we will go into how you get those benefits:

  • Cost reduction
  • Service improvement
  • More equality
  • Customer gains

Benefits Of Quality Assurance

As we have just pointed out, there are at least four benefit groups that QA will give you, if you implement QA correctly. I have listed them in groups because, as I said at the beginning, Quality Assurance is for many, many industries. I doubt you could think of an industry that would not benefit from it.
What Are The Benefits Of Quality Assurance

Cost Reduction

Although there are four groups, cost reduction is going to be the first improvement that you will want to see. Let’s be honest about it; running a business is not a cheap endeavor. There is always something that you find yourself needing to pay for, or buy. Therefore, who would not like to reduce the costs that they already have to pay out?
Cost Reduction
This next scenario is an example that I would like you to think about in the call center industry:
One of your customers rings the call center with an issue that they have with a product. They are not in an especially bad mood, but they do want their problem resolving as quickly as possible. 
The call center agent professionally answers their call. They resolve the issue without any explanation or compassion for the caller’s problem. Then cuts the call short instead of asking if there is anything else that they can help with first.
You may think that this is OK, but the caller did have something else that they were going to ask. However, it was not the priority, so they made sure they got the priority sorted first. Now the caller rings back and speaks to someone else to get that question answered.
The second agent that the caller spoke to answered the question, asked if there was anything else, that they required, resolved them as necessary, and the caller leaves happy. 
Again, you may think that this is ok. However, if you think about it, you have had twice the amount of agent work time taken up, along with all of the resources that they needed to solve the issues. Therefore, it has cost you double to sort something that should have resolved in one call. That is not to even mention that they may have had to put extra calls on hold, such as sales. We all know what can happen when you have to put a sales call on hold; they go somewhere else.
Now you have taken up twice the amount of time that you needed to and lost a sale of at least one customer.

QA Alternative

If you had the correct quality assurance in place, all of your agents would have the same standard of training and service. Therefore, working to the same protocol, and would have made sure that there was nothing else that they could help with before hanging up. Doing that, you would have saved money from your KPI’s, and also may have gotten the sale that you missed.

Service Improvement

Take another look at the simple scenario that I gave you above. You will already be able to see that the interaction between customers and agents could improve by checking if there was anything else they could help with first. However, that is one of the simplest forms of service improvement that you can gain through implementing QA. Businesses are rarely run on such simple principles as asking a single question. There are often many factors that go towards achieving the level required by a service.
Service Level
Any service that you can think of will have multiple steps that take action from beginning to end — usually starting with the customer interaction with a service provider. Or, in this instance, it is a customer and a call center agent.
When you are working with a specific industry or area, there are certain ways in which you obtain a level of service. That can be from something as simple as saying good morning (giving the customer a feeling of friendliness), to asking more in-depth questions based upon the conversation during the call.
If you have no QA in place for these calls, then you could be facing a low-quality service. That is where you end up losing customers and not gaining new ones. We have outlined the alternative to this in this article.

Equality Improvements

Equality improvements are a more significant benefit to Quality Assurance than you may think. You may have workers who believe that they are doing better work than others, but not rewarded. Alternatively, however, you may have workers who think they are doing the right thing when they are not.
When you have situations like this, it can be challenging to show your employees why they are getting things wrong, or why others are not. However, if you have a set standard that they all must work to, then it all becomes less complicated and more comfortable to follow. Giving established guidelines and checking the calls against those guidelines makes everyone aware of the requirements of the business. Not only that, but it also allows all of your staff to see that everyone in the team requires the same standards.
Having total equality through quality assurance will improve the quality of work while raising morale in a team.

Customer Gains

Customer gains is another one of the Benefits Of Quality Assurance.
Of course, there are very few businesses that would not like to see an increase in their customer base. Now, if we go back to the scenario that I went over at the beginning of the article. Do you think that the customer is going to go and recommend the service to other people they speak to? Probably not. They may even persuade others to go somewhere else for their needs.
New Customers
The unfortunate fact of friends and family referrals is that a negative comment about service sticks. Even more now that social media is such a massive part of everyone’s lives. Take a look at the following two statements that you may see on the internet about a service that you are thinking about using:

  1. “Great service, solved my problems straight away. I would recommend.”
  2. “Poor service. Solved my problems but had a bad attitude and generally unhelpful. Would not recommend.”

The first comment makes you think: “Yeah ok, I will look at them, but I will see what alternatives there are first. See if I can get it cheaper.”
The second comment instantly puts you off. You would not even consider the provider, even though they solved the issue. Who wants to talk to someone who has a bad attitude?
When you have constant great reviews, and all people see is that you have excellent service, you are much more likely to gain new customers. Take a cell phone service provider, for example. If you speak to ten people and they all have comments like number 1, then you are certainly going to look further into going with that provider. However, when you start to see that some people are saying things like comment number 2, you think that there is maybe a better place to go.
The issue that you have is that those negative reviews may come from only one or two agents. Therefore, if you have the correct quality assurance in place, you are going to be able to pinpoint those agents and provide coaching appropriately.


So, what are the benefits of quality assurance? There are so many benefits that the correct QA could make or break your business. It is that simple. Here at Call Criteria, we strive to produce and provide the most accurate, actionable QA systems for call centers across the globe.
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