February 12, 2021

Why Consultancies Choose Call Criteria for Call Center Quality Monitoring

Did you know the US consulting industry is the globe’s largest and most mature market of its kind? In fact, according to new figures from Source Global Research, the US advisory industry had a $58.72 B valuation in 2016. Here, we tell you why consultancies choose Call Criteria for call center quality monitoring.
However, despite the healthy growth rate ( 7.1%), the U.S consulting industry faces many challenges to deliver projects profitably and effectively. For example, the past few years have seen significant changes regarding technology and legislation. As clients’ needs change, consultancies have had to adapt fast while maintaining their competitive edge and ensuring their long-term growth.
Global Consulting Industry

3 Reasons Consultancies Choose Call Criteria

At Call Criteria, we have years of experience working with contact consultants to improve profitability and timely project delivery. By leveraging technologies like voice analytics combined with human skills’ accuracy, we help consultancies focus on their core business, managing projects effectively and profitably.
Here are three of the top reasons why those consultancies choose Call Criteria for their Quality Assurance.

We Help You Get More Sales

There’s nothing worse than a consultancy firm making decisions without data; not only does it lead to wasting of resources, but it can also affect project delivery and profitability. According to Capgemini Consulting’s survey, 79% of consultants cited lack of access to data between teams as the most pressing challenge when making decisions. Call Criteria takes a centralized approach to ensure access to real-time data and insights to solve this challenge. You can use these insights to gain more sales instead of pitching blind or pursuing the wrong opportunities. For example, Call Criteria’s dashboard provides historical data to pinpoint critical areas and behaviors you can address to improve your win-rate.

We Help You Work As A Team

Whether your project needs communication via emails, texts, calls, or otherwise, having a good handle on your project data is crucial for success. However, information silos and different methodologies applied by teams and individuals can often reduce the chances of success for a project. Therefore, consultancies need access to the right information at the right time to have a holistic and accurate picture of their plans—the reason why our robust call quality monitoring system features cloud-based solutions for increased flexibility and speed. For example, we provide managers and supervisors with a user-friendly dashboard with actionable analytics allowing consultants, managers, and supervisors to optimize contact center performance on the go.

We Help You Deliver Profitable Projects

Let’s face it, to deliver a profitable project, your whole team must get involved. That means you need to employ the best people and invest in them. However, hiring an internal quality assurance team can be costly. Call Criteria provides affordable and cost-effective solutions to help you deliver successful projects at a profit, which are accurate and easy to scale. With Call Criteria working around the clock to give the most important insights about your project, you will be able to deliver the best work,  improve your customer satisfaction rates and consequently maintain proper levels of profitability.

Let’s Work Together

Although the U.S consulting market enjoyed excellent growth in 2016, we cannot ignore the challenges caused by the rapid development of digital technologies. One way to deal with these challenges is to collaborate with firms like Call Criteria who specialize and have strengths in monitoring call centers. In the midst of disrupting business models like crowdsourced consulting, working together with agile and flexible teams is key to capturing a more significant share of the lucrative 58-billion-dollar consultancy market.
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