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    February 11, 2021

    Why OUTSOURCE Your Quality Team?

    Cost savings is the primary reason why companies outsource to inshore, nearshore or offshore destinations. Other than the cost factor, outsourcing can also help reduce headaches in technology and people management. This allows the company to redirect these precious resources to more important things that help achieve their objectives.
    Outsourcing companies strive hard to deliver excellent service through implementing best-in-class technology solutions and hiring top notch talents while maintaining competitive pricing. This is a very challenging balancing act that outsourcing companies face daily.
    Call Criteria provides a cost effective and scalable solution to companies, big and small. Through the years, we have developed a web-based system that helps you understand the details in the interactions happening between your customers and your agents. We also have a team of highly skilled Quality Analysts that provide that “human factor” to determine key behaviors that influence your calls.