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    February 11, 2021

    Why You Should Be Measuring Performance In Your Call Center

    Are you getting bad reviews and complaints from your clients?
    Are your agents lagging behind when it comes to upholding your quality and compliance standards?
    Have you noticed previously productive agents starting to show signs of low performance and decreasing productivity?

    If you answered yes to any of the above queries, you need to come up with a plan to improve your agents’ performance as well as your contact centre’s well being. However, we all know you cannot upgrade what do not measure. Before you start creating a plan for improving performance, you have to analyse the current performance.

    Think of it as a visit to the doctor. Before the doctor prescribes a treatment, first he carries out a series of tests to diagnose you and provide the right treatment. Notice that the tests the doctors carry out, from taking your temperature to your blood pressure, have a set range that is considered normal. For example, the normal temperature for humans is 37 degrees Celsius. So if your temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, the doctor will know that you have a fever and will investigate further what is causing the fever.
    Similarly, before you create a plan to improve performance in your contact centre, you need to have a yardstick for measuring performance. For starters, you need to set clear expectations for your agents. For example, your call agents need to have answers to these questions;

    • Here’s what is expected of me
    • Here’s what a good performance looks like
    • Here’s an example of what it sounds like when a call is done right
    • Here’s a list of the behaviors my manager and supervisors want

    When your agents can comfortably answer these questions, then you can measure their performance against the yardstick to ensure everyone is on the right track.

    Benefits of Investing In Professional Call Center QA Services

    Just like you can trust a doctor to take your temperature and accurately diagnose you; you can invest in a professional call centre QA service to accurately measure current agent performance based on your organisation’s gold standards. And while you might think it is expensive, the benefits, as listed below, are worth it;

    • A professional call centre QA service like Call Criteria can accurately measure your agents’ performance using human analysts and advanced technology
    • Compared to hiring an in-house team of quality analysts, outsourcing is cheaper and prevents the problem of bias that often affects your performance reports
    • Combining human analysts with the latest technologies ensures that a call centre QA company gives you and your agents timely feedback so they can improve their performance on the go. This goes a long way in improving agent productivity
    • With access to timely feedback, you can easily track the performance of your agents and identify those in need of training or coaching before it is too late.

    Remember, failing to measure your agent’s current performance because you don’t have the time or leaving the process solely to the managers means that you will not be managing performance throughout the year but instead evaluating only the results. Besides, your call center stands to benefit in various ways when you measure current performance.

    The benefits of measuring performance for both the managers and agents:

    • When you measure current performance, you can showcase the excellent job your contact center is doing
    • By measuring performance, you can tell the difference between underachievement and outstanding performance, between successful and unsuccessful execution
    • When you understand the difference between underachievement and exceptional performance, you can recognize and reward the overachievers while correcting and developing the underachievers
    • When the right people are rewarded and given the necessary support required, motivation and satisfaction at the call center peaks
    • Managers who measure current performance can see where they should improve the work of their team

     Benefits of Measuring Performance to Your Call Center

    • The performance management system, as well as the process of measuring current performance, will support your organization’s strategy and achievement of goals.
    • By monitoring performance at the call center, you can see whether you will achieve your set goals
    • Measuring performance provides a benchmark for further development and adjustment of the performance management system as well as for future targets.

    You can only grow what you measure. However, if you are having challenges in measuring and monitoring the performance in your call center, you can always reach out to Call Criteria. With an excess of 25 million minutes reviewed, we are experts when it comes to measuring and monitoring call center performance.